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Being sick sucks!  There is nothing worse than your kid coming home with a cold.  You know what is going to happen next: You will get sick.  Then it takes two weeks to get back to near 100%, and then the cycle passes again in the family, and you get sick again.  Every time you are just about done, it happens again.  Almost all winter long, you rarely feel 100%.  Such is life in a family with two kids.

Certain sports teams are continually sick.  The UCLA Bruins are on the verge of being one of those teams.  Karl Dorrell proceeded to take a good program (good, not great) and run it into the ground through mediocity.  He was a mediocre, at best, recruiter, a mediocre, at best, motivator, and a terrible X and O coach.  UCLA gave him time to run his own team, but it just got worse. 

Enter Neuheisel.  First year was anything less than successful, however he has recruited a top ten class.  Can he put together two top ten classes in a row?  Can he motivate his team?  Can he coach them on the field?  Or will the Neuheisel era just be another round of sickness?

Hopefully, they won't become the Lions of pro football, the Clippers of basketball, or the Pirates of baseball.

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Grim News

  • A-Rod Admits using steroids, but doesn't know exactly what he took - Who really is surprised?
  • Obama's Economic Stimulus Package passes "Test Vote" - As if there is anything that can stop this out of control train
  • Big Ben had broken ribs in the Super Bowl - Is he trying to top Jordan playing sick or Schilling pitching on the bum ankle?
  • Italian woman in "Right to Die" case passes away - Shouldn't a person be able to choose how the end of the line happens?

These are some of the headlines in today's newspapers and internet, along with my two cent (perhaps less) commentaries right after.  Hopefully, those will be the last headlines and cheap commentaries on my blog.  Rather, I'll look at the world as who I am strive to be: lead a successful business life, a loving husband, and a doting father of two amazing children.  Sports and other interests take a back seat to those three things.  Not "masculine" enough for you?  Don't worry about it.  Its my life, my blog.  I strive because no one is always perfect.  Life presents many challenges, choices, and decisions.  What happens happens.  I do believe in fate, but destiny can be controlled by the choices one makes once fate has dealt a blow or graced you with its presence. 

My sister has a child on the autism spectrum.  Talk about fate dealing a blow.  He is on the lighter side of the spectrum and will be a more than functioning adult.  However, my sister has consumed her life with making the best choices for her child, what any loving mother would do.  The father refuses to acknowledge that his son is on the spectrum.  And there lies their destiny. 

If they could meet in the middle and both live their lives together, moving towards a common goal, they would be happy and the child more successful in the therapy.  But both move further and further away from the common goal as they try to make up for the others choices and decisions.  One thinks their husband is naive and not spending any time with their "special needs" child, and the other wants their wife they love to enjoy life more and not be so consumed by the son.  These stances may appear to be rudimentary, ridiculous, or frivolous; however they are the root of most divorces of families with children on the spectrum.  Some reports show 9 out of 10 marriages with autistic children end in divorce.  Not so frivolous now, are they?

My sister and my brother-in-law have already been smacked by fate.  But their road to destiny still has time, still has decisions.  Destiny has not laid claim to that family, my family. Just yet. But one decision could be the fatal blow.  Hopefully, it will be the fatal blow to divorce, a blow that sends this family to victory.

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