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Posted on: February 20, 2009 7:13 pm

Being sick sucks!  There is nothing worse than your kid coming home with a cold.  You know what is going to happen next: You will get sick.  Then it takes two weeks to get back to near 100%, and then the cycle passes again in the family, and you get sick again.  Every time you are just about done, it happens again.  Almost all winter long, you rarely feel 100%.  Such is life in a family with two kids.

Certain sports teams are continually sick.  The UCLA Bruins are on the verge of being one of those teams.  Karl Dorrell proceeded to take a good program (good, not great) and run it into the ground through mediocity.  He was a mediocre, at best, recruiter, a mediocre, at best, motivator, and a terrible X and O coach.  UCLA gave him time to run his own team, but it just got worse. 

Enter Neuheisel.  First year was anything less than successful, however he has recruited a top ten class.  Can he put together two top ten classes in a row?  Can he motivate his team?  Can he coach them on the field?  Or will the Neuheisel era just be another round of sickness?

Hopefully, they won't become the Lions of pro football, the Clippers of basketball, or the Pirates of baseball.

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